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The ecoregion of Gran Chaco is the second largest contiguous forest in South America, after the Amazon. Thanks to the efforts of organizations and institutions dedicated to the conservation of nature, in 2011 an initiative was launched to create a national park in Chaco, in the area occupied by Estancia La Fidelidad, a vast expanse of forest crossed by Bermejo and Bermejito rivers.

The park protects 128 000 hectares with forests of palo santos, quebrachos and carob trees, grasslands, marshlands, lagoons; and also endangered species such as the giant armadillo, the giant anteater, the tapir, the maned wolf and, of course, the jaguar.

In 2014, El Impenetrable National Park was created although it was not until April 2017 that the Administration of National Parks could enter and guard the area.


A natural oasis.

Los Palmares Glamping is located on the northwest border of El Impenetrable National Park and on the banks of the Bermejo River.It is surrounded by an ecosystem of gallery forest, beautiful caranday palm groves and the forest of Chaco Seco.

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Experience something different.

Los Palmares Glamping was built on the banks of the Bermejo River (outside the protected area). It consists of a dining tent and large fixed safari tents elevated on platforms with a wooden deck. The tents have a river view and are surrounded by lush vegetation. Service includes all meals. Activities such as boat rides, kayaking and hiking are also offered.

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El impenetrable,
Province of Chaco

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Distances Km
Nueva Pompeya 46 Km
Paraje la Armonía, ingreso al parque nacional impenetrable 103 Km
Miraflores 163 Km
Castelli 220 Km
Saenz Peña 340 Km
Resistencia 485 Km
Corrientes 500 Km
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Resistencia y Corrientes.
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Pista de Nueva Pompeya
Pista de Juan josé Castelli

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